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* YogaBody Studios collects this information to get to know you. All answers are seen by our facilitators and kept confidential. We do not discriminate based on age, race, religion, sexual orientation or background. Questions are offered to better serve you as a student of our Teacher Training Program. We take pride in creating a safe space of acceptance, healing and unconditional love. We do not claim, nor desire to be an alternative for proper medical or psychological care. All applicants are screened and treated equally. *
At times, YogaBody Teacher Training staff may take photographs and make audio/video recordings of the training to promote the benefits of participating in its programs and activities. During any photography or recording, I can tell a YogaBody Teacher Training staff that I do not wish to participate. I hereby consent to being the subject of any photographs or audio/videos made during my training. I grant permission for these to be published or posted in ways that promote YogaBody Teacher Trainings, classes and workshops and in perpetuity.
I understand that I will be required to utilize various online and social media programs, including but not limited to email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Yoga Anatomy online program, video, and others, to communicate throughout the training and for certain homework assignments.
I hereby release Scott Winslow, Sandra Alvarez as “Sandra Winslow,” Maria Elena Amaya as “Mod Plank,” YogaBody Studios, Inc., and all YogaBody Studios faculty and guest teachers from any liability or responsibility having to do with my personal health and physical safety during teacher training.
I am aware that participation in the YogaBody 200-hour yoga teacher training hosted by “YogaBody Studios” may be a hazardous activity. I acknowledge that a certain minimum level of physical health, strength, fitness, and flexibility will be required. I am voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge of the risks of injury for which I will voluntarily assume. I acknowledge that I have read the LEGAL LIABILITY RELEASE and agree to the terms outlined in this entire document.
As consideration for being permitted to participate in YogaBody Studios classes, activities, outings and travel, I hereby agree that I, myself, my assignees, heirs, guardians and legal representatives will not claim against, sue or attach the property of Scott Winslow, Sandra Alvarez as “Sandra Winslow”, Maria Elena Amaya as “Mod Plank,” and YogaBody Studios for injury or damage resulting from my participation in any lesson, class, workshop, excursion or activity. I hereby release Scott Winslow, Sandra Alvarez as “Sandra Winslow,” Maria Elena Amaya as “Mod Plank,” and YogaBody Studios and all agents and heirs from any and all such actions, claims or demands that I, my assignees, heirs, guardians and legal representatives now have or hereafter may have for injury or damage associated with my participation in ANY offerings of YogaBody Studios and for all claims, injury damages or liability suffered by me in connection with my participation. Individuals hereby acknowledge that before participating in an exercise program that they should consult with a physician. I have carefully read this entire agreement and fully understand the above contents. I am aware and agree that this is a complete release of liability voluntarily assumed for my participation in all activities with “YogaBody Studios”.
Criteria for YogaBody 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification Agreement *
I will be evaluated by the YogaBody Teacher Training Staff on the following criteria: *
• Ability to embody postures in proper alignment • 100% attendance and participation in all sessions • Timely completion of all homework assignments • Demonstration of learning through practice teaching • A 70% or higher grade on the final written exam and final presentation
The YogaBody Teacher Training Staff will encourage and support your learning, integration, and demonstration of these skills throughout training. We will communicate with you regarding any areas of your learning we feel may require some level of improvement, providing you with many opportunities for you to address these areas and become proficient and certified. *