Restorative classes are designed for students to replenish their nervous and digestive systems, teaching us how to truly rest, restore, and replenish. Props are used to assist students into specific positions that allow the body to release tension and allow for optimum performance in the organs and muscles. Highly recommended for busy people and those suffering from injury, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, digestive issues, or fatigue. This is our most gentle class.
Level: 0-3                                           Duration: 60 minutes                                Temperature: 72-78


Yin is a quiet, meditative practice that encourages mindful non-judgmental awareness of the present moment by holding long, passive stretches (3-10 minutes). Through deep relaxation, we release deeply held tension targeting the hips, pelvis, and lower back working safely into the connective tissues and ligaments making them stronger and more pliant. Yin yoga increases the body’s energy distribution by cleansing the energy channels that run through the body’s connective tissue, creating an effect similar to that of acupuncture.
Level: 1-3                               Duration: 60 minutes                                                 Temperature: 73-78


Gentle classes focus on gentle poses and transitions, emphasizing breath to reduce stress and tension, and fundamental principles of alignment and use props to support posture and move slowly and mindfully. Perfect for beginners, people with chronic pain conditions, and for the experienced yogi looking to complement a strong practice with a deeper release and subtle alignment.
Level: 0-3                                           Duration: 60 minutes                                                  Temperature: 72-78

Beginners class is perfect for the beginning yoga student with no experience looking to build strength, flexibility and endurance, or for those looking to revisit a slower paced class focusing on proper alignment. Our experienced teachers will guide you safely through transitions and the fundamentals of basic yoga poses to help create a solid foundation for your practice. We will teach you how to breath mindfully to reduce stress levels, to create better body awareness for a healthier body, and help you to enhance your self-confidence in each pose. You are always encouraged you to go at your own pace.
Level: 0-1 (Beginners)                        Duration: 60 minutes                                              Temperature: 72-78


Intro to Vinyasa class is designed for the experienced beginner who wants a more challenging practice. It is the bridge between Beginners and Vinyasa classes. Postures will be linked with breath and movement in a dynamic flow. Students will build strength, heat, endurance and body awareness through this cardio flow.
Level: 0-1 (Experienced Beginners)                Duration: 60 minutes                           Temperature: 72-78      

Vinyasa 60/Vinyasa 75 are vinyasa flow classes of dynamic movement linked with breath. These classes focus on the fundamentals of basic to intermediate poses with an emphasis on safe alignment, mindful breathing, and assists in the gradual development of greater flexibility, strength and balance.
Level: 1-3                             Duration: 60/75 minutes                        Temperature: 72-78° Warm 83-88°  Hot 92-95°


Vinyasa 90 is a more challenging, intense flow of dynamic movement linked with breath in a heated room to encourage detoxification through sweat, and enhance muscle and joint opening. This is an intermediate to advanced class that focuses on transitions and poses that help to develop greater strength, flexibility and balance with an emphasis on safe alignment and mindful breathing. Be prepared to work hard, let go, and sweat!
Level: 1-3                         Duration: 90 minutes                                       Temperature: Warm 83-88°  Hot 92-95°



Hot HIIT is our most challenging class where you will burn fat and increase athletic performance without losing your zen. In this fun and exhilarating class, we fuse yoga with the methodology of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a technique in which you are encouraged to rapidly increase heart rate through quick, intense bursts of mindful movement followed by brief recovery periods to refocus your breath and stretch.
Level: 2-3                                   Duration: 60 minutes                                  Temperature: 90-95°         

Yoga Sculpt is a sweet combination of Strength and Flow. In this class, you will mindfully use weights to improve strength and create greater awareness of alignment in your body. The weights will be incorporated into various yoga postures as well as Pilates-style movements to tone muscles and sweat.

Level: 1-3                                   Duration: 60 minutes                                  Temperature: 90-95°