It is the mission of YogaBody Studios, Inc to create a space for yoga and wellness to transform the life of our students to find their light and the light in others.

 YogaBody is a conscious community uniting to cultivate the habit of happiness through the practice of mindful movement, meditation, art and music. Creating a vibe free from judgment, competition and ego, our studio serves as a sanctuary from the mundane. We hold space to safely restore harmony of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic self to assist in daily alignment of one's highest calling.

Since 2011, YogaBody Studios has successfully created a community feel for the practice of yoga that makes everyone feel welcome and accepted. Most people will say that they are "not in shape" or "flexible enough" for yoga and hesitate to take it up - really they might be afraid of being judged for taking up the seemingly difficult practice of yoga.

At YogaBody, we pride ourselves in making yoga accessible for all regardless of activity level, age, shape, color or creed. We are excited to co-create community that is supportive and mutually inspiring. Come, join us!